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High School Discussion Meet
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Preparation Resources      
Helpful hints for competitors:
  • Study as much material as possible relating to the overall topic. Sources: internet, library, newspapers, magazines, Farm Bureau publications and conversations with experts or knowledgeable people. 
  • The discussion meet should be a conflict of ideas, not personalities. This is a discussion, not a debate. 
  • Be prepared to ask questions, state facts and opinions, and urge others to be specific. 
  • Be aware of the audience, but generally address the panel. Speak loud enough to be heard by the whole audience. 
  • Participate whenever your contribution will further the discussion. Do not monopolize the discussion. 
  • Make notes of key points as the discussion proceeds for use in summary statement. 
  • Use the one minute of quiet time to organize your closing statement. 
  • Stand and make your closing statement to the audience. Use accepted speech techniques. Stay within the time limit. 

Topics for 2023-24:


One of the pillars of the agricultural education model that makes it uniquely successful is Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE). How can we help individual FFA members understand the value of SAEs and get connected to meaningful experiences during their time as a member?


How can organizations such as FFA, and Farm Bureau work with industry partners to help high school students learn about, gain access to and incorporate emerging technologies into their agriscience programs and individual projects?

State Preliminary 

Farmers and ranchers across the country are diverse in not only the goods they produce, but also the ways they raise and market them. Farm Bureau’s role is to broadly represent all producers. How can our organization further welcome and engage diverse agricultural communities and cultivate dynamic future in Farm Bureau leaders?


Production agriculture requires a lot of capital. Young farmers and ranchers often face challenges gaining access to capital they need to start or grow their operations. What tools are currently available, and what new programs could be introduced, to help young people access financial resources – and make sound financial decisions – to run their farms and ranches?



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