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Career Development Events (CDE)

Ag Communications      
This 4-person team event helps students prepare for careers in journalism, radio and TV broadcast, web design, marketing and more.

Ag Mechanics      
Students develop their technical skills and knowledge, and their ability to work with others to solve complex problems.

Agriscience Fair      
The Agriscience Fair is a competition for FFA members who are interested in the science and technology of agriculture.

Participants in the Agronomy CDE possess an in-depth knowledge of seeds, insects, soils and crops. They must also demonstrate skills in solving complex problems related to crop production.

Arkansas Shooting Sports Contest      
The Arkansas FFA Shooting Sports Contest is focused on providing a fun, safe environment for participating in shooting sports and preparing students for careers in the Natural Resources Career Pathway. The event will raise awareness of conservation-related sports, promote safety and responsibility, and raise self-esteem.

Dairy Cattle Evaluation      
The purpose of the Arkansas FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management Career Development Event is to provide a competitive event for agricultural education students which emphasizes skills in dairy cattle management and evaluation.

Students develop skills in wiring, the use of proper wire size, circuit protection and wiring devices which constitutes a safe and adequate wiring job, and increased knowledge of electrical usage which will promote additional comfort and labor-saving equipment in the home and on the farm.

Farm Business Management      
Students develop business management skills and learn to apply economic principles to agriculture and agribusiness.

Participants identify plants, judge flower arrangements and solve problems. Students also demonstrate skills in flower arranging, propagation and preparation of floral and foliage products for sale.

Food Science & Technology      
Students must have an in-depth understanding of food product development and presentation, and food safety issues. Participants use their sensory skills to solve problems and make sound decisions.

Students demonstrate their skills in diagnosing forest disorders, managing forests and forest inventory and applying approved silviculture practices.

Horse Evaluation      
Students evaluate and rank horses based on breed characteristics, conformation, and performance. As a team, they cooperatively solve problems related to equine selection, management, nutrition and production.

Job Interview      
The job interview career development event is for FFA members to develop practice and demonstrate skills needed while seeking employment in the agricultural industry.

Land Judging      
Participants understand basic soil differences, know how soil properties affect crop growth and why soils respond differently to management practices. Students learn to select suitable soil and water conservation practices, determine land capability class and determine proper use and treatment.

Livestock Evaluation      
Participants cooperatively classify livestock as “keep” or “cull” for market and breeding purposes based on physical characteristics and records.

Meats Evaluation & Technology      
Students develop the skills needed for careers in the meat animal industry. During the event, members complete a evaluate beef carcasses for quality and yield grade; identify various meat cuts and place carcasses, and identify wholesale and/or retail cuts.

Milk Quality & Products      
Participants demonstrate their knowledge about the quality production, processing, distribution, promotion and marketing of milk and dairy foods.

Nursery & Landscape      
Student skills are tested in aspects of maintaining landscape plants and related products, evaluating equipment and services, and landscape design.

Poultry Evaluation      
Student skills are tested in the production, processing, and marketing of chickens, turkeys, processed poultry products and eggs.

Veterinary Science      
The Vet Science CDE promotes college and career readiness by providing opportunities to develop technical knowledge and demonstrate practical skills in the field of veterinary science.

Wildlife Management      
The purpose of the Wildlife Management Career Development Event is to support instructional objectives related to management and conservation of natural resources for wildlife habitat, knowledge of and respect for laws related to hunting, other outdoor recreational activities, and safety.

District Bulletins      
NameDate AddedSize
2024 Eastern District CDE Bulletin 2/2/2024 244 KB
2024 Northwest District Bulletin 2/9/2024 324 KB
2024 Southern District Bulletin 2/15/2024 423 KB


  State CDEs
District & State Contest Dates

 - March 14th @ ATU

Southern - March 12th @ SAU

Eastern - March 6th @ ASU Jonesboro 

State Contest- April 4-5 @ UofA Fayetteville 

State Forestry-April 12th in Jonesboro Area

  Sweepstakes Formula
Southern District

  2023-24 State CDE Committee
Eastern District
Lane Wells- Brookland (District Chair)
Corey Ruff- Cabot Casey Simpson- Piggott

Northwest District
Casey Beavers- Pottsville (District Chair)
Becca Spinks- Quitman
Ron Koch- County Line

Southern District
Kayla Skelton- Emerson (District/State Chair)
Monte Fain- Costato River
Brittany Leek- Drew Central 

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