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Arkansas Vocational Ag Teachers Association
The AVATA is a professional organization for agriculture science teachers and supporters of agriculture education.

The AVATA is the state affiliation of the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE). More information about the NAAE can be found at

"Professionals providing agricultural education for the global community through visionary leadership, advocacy and service." 
  NAAE seeks to advance agricultural education and promote the professional interests and growth of agriculture teachers as well as recruit and prepare students who have a desire to teach agriculture. The organization is dedicated to developing professional pride and competency, to nourishing a spirit of unity among classroom teachers, and to recognizing members for conducting outstanding programs. It monitors governmental affairs affecting agricultural education and assists in the development of priorities and strategies to effect federal legislation and appropriations.

Scholarship Fund      
The golf, horse shoe, roping, and skeet shooting competitions, along with the auction raise funds to be distributed to AVATA members' children in the form of scholarships.

AVATA Awards      
AVATA maintains an extensive awards program to recognize the accomplishments of our many talented and dedicated members. We have awards for agricultural educators in every stage of their careers, from scholarships to lifetime achievement.

The Ag Teachers' Creed      
I am an agricultural educator by choice and not by chance.

I believe in American agriculture; I dedicate my life to its development and the advancement of its people.

I will strive to set before my students by my deeds and actions the highest standards of citizenship for the community, state and nation.

I will endeavor to develop professionally through study, travel and exploration. I will not knowingly wrong my fellow teachers. I will defend them as far as honesty will permit.

I will work for the advancement of agricultural education and I will defend it in my community, state and nation.

I realize that I am a part of the school system. I will work in harmony with school authorities and other teachers of the school.

My love for youth will spur me on to impart something from my life that will help make for each of my students a full and happy future.

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